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Gestor de Archivos para Móvil de Apowersoft is an app that will let you manage the content of your Android device without the need of a wired connection. Since it's fully compatible with iOS and Android, you won't have any problems working with any device.

This program will let you manage, view, restore or make a back up of all your messages, contacts, apps, videos, music, documents or any other file stored in your device's memory, helping to avoid unnecessary loss of data.

To make proper use of this tool, you need to have Apowersoft's app installed, because in order to connect the device to the computer you'll need to scan a QR code using the Android version.

The application's interface is especially structured so you can browse the different options without getting lost between tabs. In the app's upper window you'll find another window to access all the commands directly related to your device's general information, and then a couple of windows for each element: photos, videos, music, notes, contacts, messages or apps, among others.

Using Gestor de Archivos para Móvil de Apowersoft, you'll be able to manage all your Android or iOS files without the need of a wired connection and back up all of your content to avoid losses in the easiest and most comfortable way.


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